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Name Instructor Topic Date Institution Outreach Cardiology/Administrative Assistant Work Flow Chart A cardiologist is a medical practitioner who is specialized in heart problems treatment. The Outreach cardiology administrative assistant takes part in administrative functions in the cardiology department to ensure efficiency operations of the roles assigned to. Medicine is a field that requires the highest level of precision, and no mistakes are entertained. Thus all the individuals are expected to exercise the highest level of discipline and integrity. On top of the roles and responsibilities listed in the flow chart below the outreach assistant also; does the monthly outreach calendar, statistics, entry Athena Bills and replace the faculty practice in absenteeism and staff shortages. The flowchart below provides a summary of the roles and responsibilities of an Outreach Cardiology/ Administrative assistant. Outreach Cardiology/Administrative Assistant Work Flow Outreach Cardiology/Administrative Assistant Work Flow Chart Confirming and booking appointments for the patients to see the physician and handle insurance enquires. Re-sending echo reports needed by off sites, sorting and grouping of the bills sent, obtain the tests schedule from the physician and submit them to the scheduling department among other roles Pave way for discussion by doctors on insurance denial Obtain and send clinical documentation Handling appeals and grievances of rejection by insurer Delivery of approval requests to the authorization bin for doctors perusal Sending approval requests on outreach sites on daily account seldom attach demo and insurance card copies Mailing the findings to the website , to Dr. Auteri, Gary Chen, Dr. Cheung & Dr Kan , Dr Wei Wang Daily picking of folders from reading room and categorizing them by location and medical practitioner Other responsibilities Authorization Check eligibility criteria for insurance Purple/ red...
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