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RE-CLAIMING MY NEIGHBORHOOD Name: Date: A Proposal to reclaim my neighborhood on Van Buren Road through Renovation and Demolition To Cleveland Foundation Executive SummaryOur neighborhood has taken a hit in economic value, security and hazardous situation, as a result of dilapidated building structures. Other towns have changed the turn of events by renovations, demolitions and revitalization such is the case of Detroit. Cleveland needs to adopt the same system to change the tide on the depressing property values. This proposal gives its view on effect of blighted building has to an area, giving way forward and benefits of each action. Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc508808611 h iiTable of Contents PAGEREF _Toc508808612 h iiiIntroduction PAGEREF _Toc508808613 h 1A hurting Van Buren Road PAGEREF _Toc508808614 h 1Security Threat PAGEREF _Toc508808615 h 1Declining Property Value PAGEREF _Toc508808616 h 2Fire and Safety Hazard PAGEREF _Toc508808617 h 2Saving Van Buren Road PAGEREF _Toc508808618 h 3Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc508808619 h 3Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc508808620 h A Introduction On Van Buren Road, there are currently six homes that have been abandoned by its legitimate owners, fleeing the homes to fall into neglect. The corner house on our block is an eyesore, a fire hazard and with no fencing it has become a den for druggies and criminals who commit all manner of evils and find a hiding place, as they can enter and leave this residential area as they wish. This home that was once an elegant bungalow residence for a family of four or five members but is now littered with trash at its front yard, a fallen porch and broken out windows and its walls are slightly tilted. The residence has been abandoned for the past three and a half years. The first house on the right-hand side has been abandoned for over a year, the roofing caved in during a thunderstorm and all its wastes still lie on the compound. And the last...
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