Comparative Analysis Of Macintyre’s Ethics To Other Philosophical Theories In Contemporary Thought Dissertation Example

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The ethics of Alasdair Chalmers Macintyre may be explored from different vantage points. Regardless, he does not belong to any particular school of thought as the philosopher treats each of the philosophical theories with equal measure(s). Macintyre looks into virtue, narrative unity, tradition, individualism, justice and relativism. Each of these concepts is placed in-line with other philosophical theories from thinkers such as Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, John Rawls, Aquinas, Philippa Foot, Charles Taylor, Paul Ricoeur, and David Degrazia to augur a comprehensive comparative analysis. Macintyre’s ethics are in-depth and manage to offer substantial information about the field of philosophy from his perspective. 1. Virtue According to the dialogues by Plato, when an individual is determined to reach the ultimate good, they are recognized as full of virtue . Virtue is, in fact, a type of ‘knowledge’ that makes it possible to people to know the difference between good and evil. Macintyre is a key proponent in virtue ethics and strives to look into the idea(s) revolving around morality. The philosopher affirmed a relationship between character and personality; reiterating that the former works toward influencing the latter. To sustain peace, Macintyre advocates for morality as an ethical the way of leading one's...
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