The Impact of Social Media on Youth: A Case Study of UAE Dissertation Example

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Social Media
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Introduction: Social Media is among the current forms of media that have diverse qualities and characteristics. It has several facilities on the same channels like communication, image sharing, texting, audio and video sharing. Additional features that are present include the faster publication, Wide coverage and linking of the people globally and direct connecting with different people.  It is essential to point out that social media is the cheapest and one of the fastest access to the world. Therefore, it is one of the most important facets of people of all ages. Today, the use of social media is growing day by day at a significant rate. The majority of the youth today are shifting from the TV viewership and radio listening to the usage of the social media. Hence, it is one of the powerful implements that influence the lives of the youth today. This shift has led to the question concerning the holistic effect of social media on the youth. It is indispensable to point out that social media has multi-faceted implications on the living styles. The study will provide an ongoing process that seeks to spot the specific influence of the social media in the lives of the youth. The study also emphasizes on the influence of the social media on the youthful generation, their lifestyle, their political and educational awareness, their trends, their education process, and social life. Aims of the Study i) To explain the effect of social media on youth's life in the United Arab Emirates. ii) To evaluate the manner in which youth utilize social media in United Arab Emirates. iii) To examine the benefits and the structure of social media preferred by the youth. iv) To evaluate the time the youth spend while using social media. v) To recommend some of the measures that will promote efficient social media use. Reasons for selecting the topic The study provides a measure of applying the social media in the accurate route for the youth and helps improve...
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