Determining a Project’s Critical Path Dissertation Example

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Project Milestone: Determining a Project’s Critical Path Name Institution Affiliation Project Milestone: Determining a Project’s Critical Path Introduction While managing projects, the managers coordinate with their teams in the definition of the input required to successfully complete the project and realize its scope. According to Larson and Gray (2013), most of the project leaders utilize an approach where they break down the input in work packages with sizes that can facilitate their allocation to specific leaders/owners. Moreover, the managers are keen to ensure the work packages are in small sizes for easier management of risks and control, particularly in regards to duration, expenses, and resources required (Reh, 2017). Even so, packages that are extremely small do not hold any rationality, which is comparable to the too large ones. Such sizes lack the required foundation for efficient supervision and control. Kerzner and Kerzner (2017) note that a popularly elaborated benchmark is that every work package should take more than 8 hours for completions; however, the duration utilized should be no more than 80 hours. Nonetheless, it is significant to understand that these factors may be different due to the varying contexts of projects. As part of the preliminary preparations, each team plays the role of defining and estimating the time and expenses required for their packages. As a result, the overall administrator of the project groups the different packages and arranges them based on their urgency of completion. Shimura and Nishinari (2014) acknowledge that the approximations of time and the arrangement of events apply in the construction of a network diagram that assists in the identification of different primary measures such as the need for early start (the earliest period that a team can complete a certain work package), early finish, late start (the latest period that a team can complete a certain work package), and late finish. Other key...
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