Effectiveness Of Customer Loyalty And How It Can Be Increased In Singapore’s Restaurant Industry Dissertation Example

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The Din Tai Fung Restaurant is an international brand ranked among the top in Southeast Asia. The Din Tai Fung restaurant has an inspiring beginning as it was first started by Bingyi Yang after losing a job at an oil retail agency. Inspired by sourcing and supply of cooking and vegetable oil, Bingyi Yang started his oil retail agency which was christened Din Tai Fung. At the onset of 1972, the demand for oil increased and hence plummeted sales in the new venture. At the time, the owner Mr. Yang received advice from a close friend and turned half of the restaurant to make steamed dumplings (Ding Tai Fung, 2017, p.1). The steamed pork was of unique taste and hence attracted a growing number of consumers. Through the word-of-mouth, the Din Tai Fung was able to solidify its brand as a leading restaurant chain in Singapore after its recent success in selling steamed dumplings to locals. It was as a result of diversification efforts that the restaurant went to a fully-fledged food chain. Presently the store is a renowned brand for mouth-watering delicacies like; chicken soup, intricate folds, and steamed pork dumplings also known as xiao long bao. It is important to note the success of the restaurant was to build lasting relations with clients. For example, the Din Tai Fung customers established a lasting loyalty characterized by ‘returning customers’ and regular orders from a pool of clientele. Perhaps this is the reason the restaurant appeased to the local consumers and consequently saw the need to expand internationally to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia (Marina Bay, 2017, p.2). Perhaps a hidden dining secret for Din Tai Fung is the ability to anchor its dining culture on an exquisite, intricate 18 folds. Inspired by the rising consumer base, the management expanded to Singapore through a franchising agreement with the BreadTalk Group in 2003. It was here the 18 intricate folds, and Taiwan dining culture came to...
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